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Are skirts the next men’s fashion development?

In an period during which guidelines neoprene shaper seem intended to be broken — and a lot more people are contacting for gender equality — it should shock no one which the fashion world may be the head cheerleader for alter. Case in point: the Fall 2018 Menswear designers presenting a number of skirts on the runways.


A wrap dress paired using a matching coat showed up on the Astrid Andersen show working in london, as well as a flasher-worthy trench outfit at Alex Mullins, and a a flirty full dress bounced along at Bobby Abley.

After that, Undercover introducing a plethora plus size v neck dress of pleated maxi dresses in Florencia. Designer Jun Takahashi opened up with five looks which range from minimalist monochromatic to grubby, head-to-toe plaid. But the literal showstopper was your finale: a parade of topless guys in white-colored maxiskirts.

Do not expect lots of men to accept that design — yet it’s certainly a talker for the times.


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